"At LCG, it is our goal to assist all of our clients to maintain stable,        
permanent housing by providing access to a tight knit service delivery system
 that will support and guide them from homelessness to stable housing."
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A project of L.C.G.
Community Services,
United Guardianship
Services was founded to
ensure the best interests
of the incapacitated are
preserved through
proper management of
health, social services
and financial oversight.
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A project of LCG Community Services
Services and Subsidiaries
LCG Community Services, Inc. Provides a wide range of client-centered community
services to low-income individuals with special needs. Our congregate and scattered-site,
housing program
s provide a safe living environment for over thousand homeless individuals
and families
daily. LCG is also committed to the health and wellbeing all undeserved
people, through heath fairs, holiday dinners and various other programs geared to educate
and feed the undeserved.
. For more information about our programs and services, as well as a list of upcoming
events, please contact our office at: 718-466-2200