"At LCG, it is our goal to assist all of our clients to maintain stable,        
permanent housing by providing access to a tight knit service delivery system
 that will support and guide them from homelessness to stable housing."

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Our Mission

LCG Community Services, Inc, was formed to provide housing and related
services to the special needs population including, but not limited to the
homeless, mentally ill, developmentally disabled, the elderly, chronically ill,
economically disadvantaged, the HIV/AIDS population, people suffering from
substance abuse and victims of domestic violence.

Welcome to LCG Community Services:

LCG Community Services, INC (LCG) is a 501 c (3) not-for
profit organization formed in 2006. Our central mission, at
LCG, is to provide client-centered community services to low-
income individuals with special needs.
LCG has also been
active in an effort to meet the various needs under served
people through developing housing,
Guardianship Services,
Trust S
ervices, children’s heath fairs and senior holiday